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Harvard University

Certificate: Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age

An in-depth exploration of cybersecurity that is valuable for executives and specialist roles such as cybersecurity analyst, security administration, or information security manager. Business leaders will gain the knowledge needed to lead their organizations through the complexities of the cybersecurity landscape, and develop the know-how to set appropriate budget guides for this task.

CHI Institute

Associates Degree, Specialized Technology

with a 2-year course of study that prepared me to work as a network engineer or network architect. Coursework combined general education requirements with hands-on technical training.


2022 - 2023
Cutomers Bank

Security Operations Manager

I am responsible for overseeing and managing the security operations center, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and advanced cyber operations. This includes implementing and maintaining security systems and protocols, monitoring and analyzing security data, and responding to security events or incidents. I work closely with the IT team and other operational departments to ensure the organization's data and systems are protected from external and internal threats.

2022 - Current

Cyber Security Mentor

As a security mentor, it is my responsibility to provide guidance and support to individuals looking to improve their knowledge and skills as they transition into the field of security. This may involve answering questions, providing resources, or collaborating on projects to help mentees understand and apply key concepts in cyber security. I strive to be a valuable resource for those seeking to grow their expertise in security, and I am committed to helping them reach their goals and succeed in their careers.

2021 - 2022
Vision Solar

IT Security Director

As an IT security director, it was my responsibility to oversee and manage the security of the organization's information technology systems and data. This includes developing and implementing security strategies and policies, as well as monitoring and analyzing security data to identify and respond to potential threats. I work closely with the IT team and other departments to ensure the protection of the organization's data and systems from both external and internal threats. Part of my role also involves educating and training employees on security best practices, as well as conducting regular assessments to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities.

2021 - 2021
Delaware Valley Intelligence Center

Director, Cyber Security Operations

During my short time as director of cyber security operations for the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center, it was my responsibility to oversee and manage the cyber security efforts of the agency for the region. This included developing cyber security alerts and briefs disseminated to regional governments to help identify and respond to potential threats. I work closely with federal, state, and local governments to ensure the protection of government data and systems from threats. Part of my role also involves educating and training employees on cyber operations and techniques.

2019 - 2021
City of Philadelphia

Cyber Security Manager

Personally recruited by the vCISO to assist in building a strong culture of Cyber Security. As a cyber security manager, my job was to protect the city's computer systems and networks from cyber threats and attacks. This involved identifying and assessing potential vulnerabilities, implementing security measures and controls, and monitoring networks for any suspicious activity. I also worked closely with other teams to ensure that all employees are aware of security best practices and distribute alert notifications on remediations. In addition, I was responsible for responding to and managing any security incidents that may occur.

2014 - 2019
City of Philadelphia

Support Center Manager

Recruited by COO, to mature the small Service Desk team into a technologically and customer service-focused organization.  This involved managing staff, setting goals and targets, and ensuring that customers received timely and effective assistance. I also worked closely with other teams to troubleshoot and resolve complex issues, and I implemented processes and procedures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the support center. In addition, I was responsible for analyzing data and metrics to identify trends and areas for improvement.  Through these measures, the team grew 400% and became a staple in the technology maturity model.

2010 - 2014
City of Philadelphia: Office of Emergency Management

IT Program Manager

Coordinated technology integrations with local, state, and federal agencies in order for proper information flow during emergencies. Maintained technology in several different configurations and types to make sure emergency personnel could grab the technology kit and have confidence in it working. Acquired the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency's basic certification to ensure proper response protocol and best practices.

2010 - 2010

Network Administrator

My job was to audit and maintain the computer networks that supported the company. This involved configuring network hardware and software, monitoring network performance, and troubleshooting any issues that arose. I was responsible for installing and configuring new equipment as needed, keeping up-to-date with advances in technology, and making improvements were necessary.

2009 - 2010
Deb Shops, Inc

System Administrator

my job was to ensure that the organization followed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This involved assessing the organization's current compliance status, identifying any gaps or vulnerabilities, and implementing controls and processes to address them. In addition, I was responsible for monitoring the organization's systems and networks for compliance, and for conducting regular audits to verify that we remained compliant.

2004 - 2009
Swartz Campbell

Systems Administrator/Helpdesk Manager

My job was to oversee the operation of the computer systems and networks and helpdesk staff. This involved managing and maintaining servers, workstations, and other hardware and software, as well as troubleshooting and resolving technical issues. I managed the helpdesk team and provided technical support to employees and ensured that they had the resources they needed to be productive.

2023 - Present
Customers Bank

Senior Vice President, Digital Security Operations

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