Dell PowerVault NAS 8002801d error

Ok, so if you are reading this entry, then that means like me, you are administering a Dell PowerVault NAS error and when going to certain managment websites you got one of the following errors:

Persistent Images to Restore, error ‘8002801d’ ,Library not registered. /snapshots/psm_vr_list.asp, line 513

Volume Settings, error ‘8002801d’ ,Library not registered. /snapshots/psm_setup_list.asp, line 399

Persistent Images, error ‘8002801d’ ,Library not registered. ,/snapshots/psm_pi_list.asp, line 640

Now looking around the internet for the answer is really a hit or miss kind of way of solving this problem.  I spent a good chunk of time trying to track down this problem, because I didn’t know what the server contained and what it was doing, so a reformat wasn’t the best option.  Plus like in many IT senerios one of the RAID 5 Array’s disks have failed and didn’t want to put the stress on the other, possibly causing one of them to fail as well.  So after exhaustive research I found the solution…it was so simple…that I spent a good time mad after it worked, because it was one of those kind of answers:

regsvr32 %systemroot%\system32\vbscript.dll 
 regsvr32 %systemroot%\system32\jscript.dll

Then it worked again and my ActiveArchives part of the NAS server worked again no problem.  I don’t expect many people to run into this issue, but I did see others looking for a similar answer which is why I posted it here…that and if I run into this again…I want to save myself the stress, by making this note.

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