Support For Windows XP SP2 and 2000 will end soon!


    If you haven’t updated to Windows XP Service Pack 3, you should really look into that prior to July 13th 2010, if you ever want help from Microsoft.  After July 13th 2010, Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP Sp2 as well as Windows 2000 Operating Systems.  Though Microsoft hasn’t given any indication of removing support for Windows XP SP3 anytime soon, so that’s good news!
  Now when Microsoft ends support, it doesn’t just mean that they won’t take your phone calls, it means that they stop releasing updates for that version of Windows XP.  I never recommend that your computer not be getting these important security update, so if you have Windows XP Sp2, then go to Windows Update and get your computer updated with Service Pack 3.  If you have Windows 2000 products, then it is important to update to a newer version, it’s a good time to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008.
    Now Microsoft will still offer some resources to help you with some problems you may encounter but most of that is currently available and wont be updated.  They resources will include troubleshooting tools, FAQs, Microsoft Knowledge Base articles, and stuff like that.
    Service Pack 3 on Windows XP is Free for any users of Windows XP, so make sure that you get the update.  This update is just like most service packs, it installs and requires a reboot to finish the installation.

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