5 Blackberry Apps for Small Businesses

    The blackberry you may have in your hand does more that just e-mail, and it can be used to help you run your small business.  We’ve all heard that the android and apple phone’s had apps, and hear very little about the Blackberry Apps.  So I wanted to give the small business owners some apps for their blackberry that could help them.  There are plenty of apps out there for small business, but what you need are the best apps for your money.

1. Evernote – Cost: Free


If you are like me, you are constantly coming with with ideas, but really have to way to jot it down quick.  Evernote is the solution, it lets you make lists or takes note, record voice notes, etc.  It takes all these notes, pictures, recordings and will sync it to your desktop.  A great way to put information on your phone and sync it with your desktop.

2. Google Sync – Cost: Free

Many small businesses don’t have their own exchange e-mail server with the blackberry enterprise server to sync their phones to, so this is the next best thing.  This application will sync your calendar and contacts between your computer, Google and your phone, and a chance to any one of those places makes the change any where.

3. Google Mobile Apps – Cost: Free

Now this goes hand in hand with the one above it.  Now that you’ve got you calendar and contacts syncing, you’ll want all your documents as well.  This app will let you receive, edit and send e-mails from Google Gmail itself.

4. Bridge for Highrise – Cost: plans start $4.99/month

Incase the Google App didn’t excite you this app transfers your business contacts, tasks and e-mail from your desktop to your blackberry and back again.  This will make sure that you always have the data that you are looking for.  You need to sign up and pay for this service, but maybe this is more up your alley than the Google Apps.

5. Do Not Disturb – $3.99

If you’re like me, sometimes you are in an important meeting and don’t want the phone to ring, unless it’s important.  Well this is an app for you, because you can leave the ringer of your phone on, and it will only go off if from a number that you allow to call.  All other messages are silent and wont interrupt you.

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