Apple Announces iPhone 4 Free Case Program

Apple has announced today the release of the iPhone 4 Case Program Application that is available from the apple store online.  Once you downloaded the application you sign in with your iTunes username and password and the application gives you a couple of different options to choose from.
Despite my fear that it would take a while, I was able to download the app quickly and browse through the 5-7 cases that were offered (I forget exactly how many) was able to go into each selection and look at different pictures of them and make my selection.  Once I choose my case, it verified my shipping information and let me ship.
Now all I have to do is wait 3-5 weeks for my order to be processed and shipped and then I can get my free case.  I know some people might be shocked that it takes so long for the case to get to you, but I can imagine I’ll probably get it sooner than 5 weeks, and if not, really it’s FREE and with most of the iPhone users going to order one, it will take a while to make all those orders.
If you are looking for more information then check out Apple’s site on the matter at: .  This site will give you the same info I did above, download the app and follow directions, but it’s better to hear it directly from Apple.

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