Q&A Monday: Windows 8 Install on VmWare Issues


I just downloaded the Windows 8 Release Preview ISO from Microsoft’s website, and when I went to load the ISO into VMWare, I get the following message:

“Windows cannot read the <Productkey> setting from the unattended answer file”

I am not using an answer file, so I am not sure what is causing this.  I have downloaded the ISO file again, thinking it was a corrupt iso file, but the problem still existed.  Any Help?

Craig D. Guess
Wedgwood, TX


This actually is a question that I’ve seen a lot around the message boards, and actually has a very simple solution.  Though I have not really seen what causes this error, it’s simple enough to work around:

  1. If your Windows 8 VM is currently powered on, power it off.
  2. Right Click the VM and click settings
  3. Find the floppy drive and deselect it.
  4. Power On the virtual machine
  5. Proceed with the install

That’s it, once the floppy drive has been deselected, you’ll now be able to install Windows 8 in your virtual environment.

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