Q&A Monday: requested session access is denied

Remote Desktop


I have a user who is trying to connect to a RDS host (2008 R2 ), They are getting the error message “requested session access is denied”. I checked and made sure the user is member of the local remote desktop user group and they have the permission “Allow logon via Remote desktop services” is granted.  What am I missing?


Jordan B. Washington
Okeechobee, FL


I’ve seen this problem happen a couple of times, this is usually cleared up by removing the /admin command when connecting to the server.  The user may be typing that command via command line, or if using the Remote Desktops feature in Windows 7 make sure that the admin switch is turned off.

Remote Desktops Admin Switch


In some cases this is turned on by default, and it’s something the user would never even notice when setting it up, but it’s tripped me up a couple of times.

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