Q&A Moday: Lesser Known Word Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Office LogoQuestion:

I use Microsoft Word, are there any short-cut keys that could help me format my documents?  I’ve asked my IT guys, but they show me how to bold, italicize and etc but nothing really cool…do you know any?


Crtl+Shift+D = Double Underline
Ctrl+] = Increase Font Size
Ctrl+] = Decrease Font Size
Ctrl+Shift+A = Makes Highlighted Text All Caps
Ctrl+= = Subscript Text
Ctrl++=Superscript Text
Alt+Ctrl+C= Copyright Symbol
Alt+Ctrl+T= Trademark Symbol
Alt+Ctrl+R= Registered Trademark Symbol
Ctrl+1= Single Spacing
Ctrl+2= Double Spacing
Ctrl+5=  1.5 Spacing

Since you weren’t too specific, these are the ones that I’ve seen the most of, that I wouldn’t consider common knowledge.

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