AVG Free vs Microsoft Security Essentials

    For the longest time when asked about a free anti-virus/anti-spyware software that I would use and recommend, usually top of the list would be AVG Free and I think that many of the techs that I worked with would agree with it.  Infact another tech originally turned me on to the software and it became part of my virus/spyware removal tools.
     Recently while poking around on one of the blogs I watch, I noticed that this person was using Microsoft Security Essentials.  Now I instantly lost a little faith in that, mostly becuase I don’t trust Microsoft to secure Windows, becuase if they could, then it should be a part of Windows and not a seperate program.  I was curious though as the other bloggers software choices I found as a benefit.  So putting my nerdy pride to the side, I got Microsoft program and gave it a week run.
    Now generally I am very careful on where I go around on the internet, and wanted to really give it a real run for it’s money.  I purposly went to the dark corners of the internet hoping that I would get something, and I was surprised that at the end of the test, that my computer was maleware free.  Though obviously does this mean that Microsoft’s program was good at stopping spyware or was I just really bad at getting spyware while trying.
    Though this isn’t a full blocking program, as it doesn’t check sites as you go along, or doesn’t automatically scan your e-mail when it comes in, so it’s not a free magic bullet. Though Internet Explorer 8 and FireFox I know have phising filters added to them to help in phishing attempts.
     One thing that I really liked when using Microsoft Security Essentials was that I completely forgot that it was installed and running  unlike a lot of programs that I’ve tried, it’s easy to use and it’s not intrusive.  Though I would recommend it for an everyday user of the internet, and as an addition to whatever you are currently using for cronic spyware reciepients.  Though I am sure it has it’s weaknesses, and won’t work in every situation, I still think this program is a must have for everyone.  It even changed my opinion on Microsoft securing my computer, and that’s big.

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