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Security Update: Mozilla Firefox 6 and 3.6.20

    Mozilla identified and fixed several memory safety bugs in its browser engine used in Firefox 3.6, Firefox 5 and other Mozilla-based products. Some of these bugs showed evidence of memory corruption under certain circumstances, and that they fear that someone with enough effort could be exploited to run arbitrary code.  This update is considered CRITICAL by Mozilla. …

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Security Update: Blackberry Enterprise Software

Blackberry has announced that there is a vulnerability on their Blackberry Enterprise Server product and have released a patch to fix the vulnerability.  RIM (the maker of the blackberry) has released the patch for what they are calling a high risk vulnerability and being that it is being classified as “high risk”, it is recommended…

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Windows Security Best Practices

In todays age, you can not be too secure when it comes to your network it’s better to be safe than sorry.  In the current economy I’ve seen many companies consolidate jobs and add new burden to already over-burdened admins.  One of the places where this will hurt companies is the network security departments. I’ve learned many…

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Software Update: Adobe Flash and Air Update

    Adobe has released Flash Player to address multiple vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial-of-service condition. This vulnerability also affects Adobe Air and earlier versions. Links for More Information: http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb10-16.html