Alternatives to Outlook

    I’ve been asked about this more times than I can remember, so I figured I’d just do an article about it….What are some alternatives to Microsoft Outlook.  To fully disclose I still cling on to my Outlook for my windows machine, but I do use other software for my linux machines.  So I’ve done some testing and some asking around and found out alternative for Microsoft Outlook.  Just like I did, you should test out and find one that works  for you.

  1. Evolution – use to be one of the email software choices that I would use on my linux box’s, but now they have an experimental version for Windows.  This client has many features.  It’s not really that complicated to learn, but for a windows user may be a little more difficult to install (you need to be kinda an expert to install)
  2. Thunderbird – from what I figure is probably one of the most popular alternatives for Outlook that I’ve found.  It’s made by the same company that made the Firefox and has plenty of add-on tools out there for users to use.
  3. Pegasus Mail – is probably one of the oldest e-mail clients out there, but seems to be the most studry e-mail client that I’ve seen.  The downside, if you have an exchange system that you want to connect to, then you are kinda out of luck with this one.
  4. eM Client – here’s another good client that I have used, but like many out there, this doesn’t connect with Exchange.  It’s optimized for XP thru Vista, and works great with 3rd party email server like  Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail and can import from other email clients. As someone who lives off my Gmail calendar it offers a full-featured calendar that can even sync with my Gmail calendar
  5. Web-based SystemThis is kind of a cop-out.  But Exchange like many other services (like Gmail) have a web interface that you can access.  This keeps you from having to install and update the clients on each machine, and it’s generally available anywhere the internet is.

Are there other programs that you use that I didn’t mention?  Did I stub you favorite email client?  In the comments below let me know.

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