Q&A Monday: Outlook 2003 problems with Exchange 2010


My company has recently upgraded our Exchange server to 2010, but I still have some users using Outlook 2003.  There are plans in the next 6 months to update these remaining users, but some of them are experiencing a problem.  The users have a bunch of shared calendars and are getting a connection issue, any advice?
Eric Davidson
Baltimore, MD

The most typical problem I’ve seen with this is caused by the throttling police that is new in Exchange 2010.  When an Outlook 2003 client makes a connection to a shared calendar it can open two or more connections back to the server.  In Exchange 2010, this default throttling policy limits the machine to access 5 (or maybe 6) shared calendars.  Since you didn’t explain how many calendars, this may be the case.

The fix to this isn’t complicated, you just need to create a special throttling policy (Great Directions HERE and tells you how to map it to users) and map this new throttling policy to your 2003 users.


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