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I am new to the Exchange 2007 environment, I’ve worked with Exchange 5.5, 2000, and 2003 and I’m running into a problem that I don’t know how to fix.  I have a user who wants to forward all incoming e-mail from our email server to his personal GMail account.  I loaded his Outlook profile on my computer and set up a rule to forward all messages to his GMail account.  His GMail account is getting his emails from internal users, but when an external e-mail address sends him a message it just sits in the inbox and doesn’t forward to his GMail address.  All internal mail gets forwarded without a problem, but external mail just wont go….help


I ran into this same problem once, and only found one way around it.

1. In Exchange Management Console create a Mail Contact and enter the THEUSERNAME@gmail.com as the External E-Mail Address.  (Make sure you substitute THEUSERNAME for the actual address)

2. Then under the User Mailbox properties of USERNAME@YOURCOMPANY.COM under Mail Flow Setting >> Delivery Options check the ‘Forward to:’ field and then browse for the Mail Contact you created in step 1. Also Check ‘Deliver message to both Forwarding address and mailbox’

No real ideal why it needs to be this way, but it’s the only way I have found to forward mail in 2007.

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