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WindowsA lot of recent concern over Facebook and their recent privacy changes and people are either talking about deleting their Facebook pages or trying to navigate the privacy settings to keep them safe.  The latter is what I though I would do, since when I’m not at work, I’m addicted to Facebook.  I thought I got the security settings that I wanted to keep me safe, and went about my everyday business.

Of course that wouldn’t make a very good blog entry would it, I as a tech guy changed my settings and it worked well.  I recently came across a site ReclaimPrivacy.org.  Thinking that it would be good to try I tried it.

Now it’s a little different than you just go to the website and give it your information.  Once on the site it gives you some directions on how to run the site.  You need to add a link to your bookmarks and then login to Facebook and click the bookmark.  For one I like this site, because I’m putting in my login information into their site, their link brings up script after I log in (via the bookmark).

Though the site alerted me to some settings, that I didn’t mind having public like my website and my hometown, it still help me find something that I forgot, the ability for my friends to share my information, even though I personally opted out, you need to opt your friends out of sharing your information.  Though I made sure I was safe, even I forgot something, so make sure your safe and everything is the way you want it.


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