Q&A Monday: Adobe PDF Printing Alternative


I am currently looking for a more cost-effective solution than adobe for printing PDF files.  I am not looking to edit or create forms, just to print existing documents to PDF.  While looking around I’ve found a couple products, but they wanted too much money for the full versions, any suggestions?

Davina Knight
Raft River, ID


There is one software that I default to, when Adobe is either not available or there are limited license, and that is CutePDF (http://www.cutepdf.com/).  They have a PDF writer that is Freeware, for everyone, without any watermarks.  They also have paid software to do most of the things that Adobe can do as well.  I’ve personally used the writer software and have had no problems with it.  It’s one of those install and forget about programs, and if I had the need, would not even hesitate to buy their other products.  They work great in Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows, but don’t have a Linux version that I can see.

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