Change IE Bookmarks Location

Recently in my job, I was looking for a way to keep as much data on the server as possible and making the Windows boxes hold as little data as possible in case of a crash.  While I already redirect the “My Documents” drive to the server (note only if you trust your users do this).  We as an office generally use Internet Explorer for browsing (with some exceptions), and wanted to change the locations of the Folder.

Well after some looking around, I found the keys that need to be modified.  This involves modifying the registry for the current user logged in.  As I always warn:  If you are editing your registry, it is recommended you know what you are doing, and you make a backup of the regisry in case anything goes wrong.

In the Registry, you’re looking at the following subkeys:




Look in the right pane for the Favorites value. Note the full path to the Favorites folder.  From those two keys, you just type where you want the files to go, and reboot the system and re-login as that user.

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