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Q&A Monday: Enable and Disable Proxy via Scripts

Question: I use my laptop both inside and outside of my company’s network.  It is a company issued laptop and when I am in the office, I am suppose to use their proxy server, when I am out on the road, I’m suppose to use the local connection, which does not have a proxy.  Currently…

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Q&A Monday: Disable IE Enhanced Security in Server 2008

Question: In previous incarnations of Windows Server, when I wanted to remove the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration, I’ve gone into the add/remove programs and removed the security component, but in Windows Server 2008 that isn’t an option, can you please help me remove this annoyance. Joseph Hart Jackson, MS Answer: The configuration for the…

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Top 5: Chrome Extensions you should have!

Very recently, I’ve been sucked into using Google’s browser Chrome.  I remember trying it out when it was first launched and wasn’t really impressed with it then.  Like so many things, with experience comes knowledge and I’ve now come to love the browser, though it’s not exclusive at this point, and have heard similar stories…

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