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Q&A Monday: Check MAC AD Authentication

Question: I work for a School District with a very small tech department.  As we are in an educational environment, we are running a mixed environment with Mac’s and PC’s authenticating to a Windows 2003 AD servers, 9 total servers total spread out throughout 8 sites.  I have been running into problems with a few Mac’s in…

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Q&A Monday: Dell PowerEdge 2970 Install Problems

Question: I have a Dell PowerEdge 2970 server, and I’m trying to install Windows Server 2008 R2 with the Dell CD that came in the package.  It boots off the CD and loads the install GUI, and then stops before installing everything asking for drivers.  I tried putting the RAID array drivers on a USB…

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Q&A Monday: How often should I update my Linux Servers?

Question: I have recently become responsible for more servers at my current job, some of these servers are of the  RedHat and Debian flavor of linux, and I was wondering what is the recommended period of time between checking for updates on these servers? Catina P. Martin Mira Loma, CA   Answer: To be honest, it all depends on how…

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